Below are excerpts from an interview conducted with XiTone . . .

MAF (Interviewer): So, what’s with the name XiTone? What does it mean and how do you say it?

MAF (Interviewee): Well, that’s technically two errr... three questions... you really come out of the gate with a bang don’t ya?

MAF: (laughs) Yeah.... I tend to be a go getter.. sorry about that.

MAF: No issues! So, the name. Well, I was researching and trying to come up with a company name knowing that I wanted to use the word ‘tone’ as part of the name. However, it seems that almost every combination using ‘tone’ is already in use so I had to kinda go outside the box. I found a company name generator on the internet and one of the options there was to select the Greek alphabet and the word ‘tone’ to generate some possible names. XiTone was one of the options that popped up and I simply liked it when I saw it.

MAF: Ah... so you like the Greek alphabet then?

MAF: Well, yeah kinda. It provides a couple of letters I like to use with the company for a couple different reasons.

MAF: Such as?

MAF: Well, in fact there are at least two. First, is the uppercase version of the letter Xi. It is the 14th letter of the greek alphabet and I liked the look of it. When I saw the conjoined variant of the capital letter I knew I wanted to use it for the company name.

Matter of fact, the conjoined variant of the letter is stylistically represented with the stacked Z letter that forms the XiTone logo.

Then there is the Greek letter Chi, or X. It is the 22nd letter in that alphabet and it is represented in each of the XiTone cabinet models, be it the X7, X24, X40, X48 and the commemorative X9/11. This Greek letter is used to abbreviate the name of Christ in some instances. It has personal meaning to me so I used it!

MAF: Great! That’s interesting! Next....ah, lemme see... uh, need to check my notes... (flips through some notes) OH...back to that first three part question.. how do you pronounce the name?

MAF: (laughs) It’s pronounced zai-tone! Thanks for remembering that!

MAF: (laughs)... Cool deal! Why did you start XiTone?

MAF: Well, that is an interesting story. Me, I am the type of guy that, if I can not find what I want in a product that is already in the market place, then I’ll build it if I am able. I like making things and working with wood and electronics.

MAF: WOW, so you just up and decided to start a company building speaker cabinets?

MAF: (laughs) No not at all... starting a business in the current economic climate was the last thing I wanted to do but as the research and development of the cabinet I wanted to build for myself progressed and when it finally came together it occurred to me that there might be some other folks that might like a cabinet similar to mine.

MAF: (looks at producer) How are we doing on time? (producer signals go ahead) OK, Great. So, tell me a little bit about the way XiTone Cabinets are made.

MAF: Sure. Well, the way XiTone cabinets are built naturally goes back to the kind of person I am and that is reflected in the type of business I want to have. For our cabinets we use only high quality, void free 3/4” plywood for the strongest cabinet possible. We then cut rabbets into the edges and dado in the baffle and glue it all up with the strongest glue I can purchase!

MAF: So, you have super strong cabinets, what else goes into a XiTone Cabinet?

MAF: Well, when we are done gluing up we do an initial sanding and then we buzz all the outside edges with a roundover bit and then do a final sand and fill to prepare for finishing.

MAF: Yeah, I noticed the rounded edges and liked the look. So, then on to finishing?

MAF: Yep. For finishing we have a few different options. After a lot of research I discovered that a product normally used for pickup truck beds also provided an awesome and strong finish for my cabs. That product is LineX and it's super strong and durable. I prefer it to any other type of covering we offer. LineX is an additional charge to the stock cab purchase but it is a very good value. We also offer, as part of the stock cab covering with a speaker cabinet paint that is very durable and also Tolex for the traditional cabs. Sadly, Tolex is not an option for the wedges.

MAF: No Tolex on wedges? Why not?

MAF: Well, Tolex is a pretty durable fabric, but it has to be glued down. As a result, adding corner protectors is a requirement to keep them looking good and to keep the fabric from lifting and tearing. To that end, I can’t buy a metal corner that fits the 22.5 degree angles on the wedge.

MAF: Excellent! I’m getting looks from the producer that we are starting to bump up against the time allotted so I have just two more brief questions if that’s ok?

MAF: Sure, I’m good! Fire away!

MAF: OK, Last question; Please tell me, what is the deal with that single chrome screw in the handles and such?

MAF: (laughs) Good deal. I was getting tired of looking at myself in the mirror. OK, the last question, I hoped you were going to ask me that question!!! The thought behind the single chrome screw is rather simple. That screw is doing the same amount and type of work as all the other screws in the various parts; however, it looks a little different. The same goes with life! In our everyday lives, we come across folks that are doing the same things as others; however, they may feel, look or act different or may have a little different experience or outlook based on things we will never know. So, as with the single chrome screw, every time I install one, or see one it becomes a reminder to me and hopefully others to treat everyone, regardless of who, the way I would want to be treated as I can never know what they have been through that day.

MAF: WOW... just wow... I never knew.... that's pretty deep....

MAF: Well, I am not sure about that, but I do know that that single chrome screw is not a defect or a fault with the cabinet. It is a simple reminder for me to treat others as I want to be treated regardless of their station in life.

MAF: Well, Thanks so much for your time

MAF: Certainly, I’m glad we were able to work out our schedules so that we could get this done!