Michael Britt 1x12 Open Backed Cab

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$959 + $44 shipping to USA


  • Designed in conjunction with Michael Britt of Lonestar and MBritt Profiles to be a backline or sidefill solution.
  • The cab has multiple modes of operation including: (1) FRFR; (2) FRFR with tone shaping mods developed with Michael; (3) FRFR with 12" driver only, no tweeter; (4) 12" driver raw
  • The FRFR mode is within +-1.5db
  • The FRFR tone shaping mode features subtle modifications to the frequency response that are still within the FRFR specs.
  • FRFR with 12" only is just that - no tweeter. Useful for folks who don't really like tweeters but still want FRFR performance.
  • 12" raw is useful for when guys want to forsake IRs and just go direct.
  • This cab is an oversized cab. It's about 20" wide, 20" tall and 12" deep and weighs about 45lbs with a Celestion driver.
  • The amp is an OEM Matrix module that is custom programmed by Xitone. It is 400w into 4ohm and 220w into 8ohms.

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